Pattaya is one of those place with a spicy side of Thailand, that may come as an over statement to some but visiting Thailand and miss going to Pattaya is like  committing”travel suicide”. Anyways getting back to my third trip to this amazing city “Pattaya”. As always a lot is said about what goes on in pattaya, some is true though much of it is over the top but nevertheless Pattaya puts a spell on most tourists who come to Thailand. First of all, It is so close to the Capital Bangkok in a matter of roughly 2-3 hours you can get there. It is surrounded by a certain culture of excitement which makes you get in the mood right on spot. Pattaya has a number of beautiful beaches and this time round we drove to Saikaew Beach which is around 9 km from the main city . The beach is an army base and it is so clean, organised and kinda private and actually the whole environment is awesome. Later on in the evening we went to the Ladyboy show at Mimosa” the city of love ” and they put on a breathtaking show right from the music, costumes and the dance moves, It is a must watch. The next night we headed to the famous “walking street” where all the magic happens, we hit a few different spots but none of them was satisfying until we entered Lucifer Disco and the groove was turned on. The place has nice live music and I would recommend it. Now  one might ask what about the hotels?  Now with hotels this time around we had a dramatic scene happen at our hotel , where we made our bookings  on time but somehow they booked us for the wrong dates which hardly happens I guess but the hotel administration really tried to charter for us and got us a room in the next hotel without any charge on our side and to pay for their mistake we were offered a free night at their hotel which to me works. Yeah! this time alone Pattaya became the real pattaya I have heard about for years. For transportation around the city it is better to rent a motorbike it only costs around 300baht for 24 hours that’s roughly 10$. This will save you from the songkel frustration at awkward hours of the night. My general experience went from good to amazing. Pattaya is a must visit.!


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