When you drop in Thailand you easily realise that there is more much to see than you thought. This time I made a trip to Phuket city  boarding from Don Muang Airport  with Air Asia which took me around an hour and half to arrive at Phuket international airport. 3910209303929938694I  got a van at 200b which dropped me to my hostel which took us around two hours .I stayed at Doolay hostel  and  I guess had one of my best hostel experiences ever and the reasons are; it was clean, just opposite Karon beach, nice interiors , the beds were super cozy plus clean sheets, good a location and of course good people. On the next day of my trip I rented a motorbike for 24 hours and hopped around from Karon Beach, patong beach, Kata, Kata Noi and so on.  At night I went around Patong walking street and the experience is close to the one at khaosan road and soi cow boy in Bangkok so to me nothing seemed really new. Phuket has a variety of night clubs and happening spots too but the only disadvantage I noticed was the food was so expensive, I mean just over priced  compared the normal thai food and it really does not make sense but there were still a few choices if one is on budget.There are some street food venders above the beach streets.Having looked around I found this great place called one price and that price is 200bt which includes staters, pizza and desert and men! that is great deal .The other spot that is worth a notice was the Phom thep cape which is so beautiful, I mean it is such a beautiful view as you see down the pictures. Lastly the over all experience was good and it is worth a chance and Phuket being a tourist destination, you will meet a lot of different kinds of lovely people too.

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