Koh Samet the little paradise.

Thailand has never ceased having interesting things, It is always full of adventures and breathtaking fun. It all started like a normal friday morning I had to go to work as usual after that, I got my backpack and headed to Koh samet. We left Victory Monument Bangkok by van at around 6:30pm which costed us 200 baht each and arrived in Rayong at around 10:30pm. It shouldn’t have taken us that long but we had a slow down because of the traffic around Bangkok. Then we had to take a speedboat to the island which costed us 300baht each  because the ferry  which costs 70 baht had stopped operating by the time we arrived.  We met a nice guy at the ferry port who spoke good English and he was so helpful and the whole speed boat experience at 11pm was another amazing adventure that you should give a try. Later on arrived at our hotel area where we met some amazing thai people who helped us get to our destination and checked in , then early in the morning we had a nice breakfast, did some walking around the beach and later one the game begun when we rented a motorcycle at 500 baht including gas for 24 hours. We rode up and down the island, which has a lot of beautiful sights , beaches and nice food.  The general experience at koh Samet was super awesome with a thrilling nightlife having various bars, a few clubs and beach parties. The other beautiful thing about the beaches at this island  is the clear water and clean beaches with fairly strong tides. It is

a place one should never miss visiting while in Thailand. The accommodation is fairly cheap between 1500-3000baht one can grab a  nice hotel with an amazing view near the beach.

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