48 hours in Kigali,Rwanda.

Not many years ago most of what we have heard about Rwanda was devastation, poverty and the famous Rwandan Genocide. ¬†That is the picture most people have kept in mind about this beautiful country. As I spent my first hours in Rwanda after crossing the Rwanda-Uganda boarder I noticed the opposite of what I thought….

The Uganda you will never see on TV.

Uganda “The pearl of Africa” is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am not saying this because I am Ugandan but this becomes crystal clear the moment you start travelling around. For so many years Africa in general has always been misrepresented by the western media, trying to make it seem…

The truth they have hidden from you about Pattaya city.

One of the first travel destinations one ¬†will hear about Thailand from afar is Pattaya City and this comes with a lot of stories from good to ugly ones mostly from male travellers because of it’s obvious reasons but after a long while travelling around Thailand I recently discovered one of the most hidden secrets…

Singapore the pearl of Southeast Asia.

It has always been seen as a small Asian island to many people but no matter how small it is Singapore is a pearl. On my trips there it is always a thrilling experience to land on that island. The people are so helpful and caring indeed and that’s the first thing you will notice….