10 Things Being A Stay at Home Dad Has Taught Me.

Babies are cute, beautiful and awesome. Almost 8 months ago, I became a dad. Being a parent is something that can’t be fully explained until you become one. Many things can be learned through knowledge but certain things can only be experienced and being a dad is one of those things.

This new season of my life has come with many changes, being a creative kind, I love going out and doing photography, editing files, making and creating content.

So in my bolt fast mind, I thought babies are so easy, just feed them and carry them around then do “your thing”. Until I was hit by the reality that babies just take and need all your time. That became my reality just a month ago after I decided to leave my job for a while and be a stay at home dad to look after my daughter.

The first day of us staying alone at home after her mummy was away, was so chilled. I did my thing of feeding her, gave her a few toys and we were good to go. No sooner did I know that she was playing me, it was like the welcome to fatherhood week. The following day she wanted me to hold her whole day, which was cool for me. We were building our Father-daughter bond so I thought it will only be that day but as time went on that became the norm. Remember I still thought I would just feed her, carry her for 2 minutes and then chill until mummy came back. Funnily enough, that has not been the case and from this experience, this is what I have learned:

To appreciate mothers. This is something most men might never understand but it has been my first lesson.

Life doesn’t revolve around me anymore. As humans we love control but one of the first things you learn when you get a baby is no more control.

To value time so much. I thought I valued time since I always kept my self busy creating or studying, but since my baby girl came around my value for 1 minute has increased.

To love. Fatherhood has taught me love on another level, just looking straight in my daughter’s beautiful eyes stirs that hidden love. I feel emotions I never knew I had.

Not to stress about what I can’t change. Babies are selfish and that is something they outgrow as they become adults. But for now, when they want something, they want it.

Not to force, I thought I would manipulate my daughter into sleeping, feeding and playing but it’s not worth it. I am beginning to realize that when babies don’t want to do a thing, they actually mean it.

To Enjoy the simple things in life. These days I enjoy sitting down on the floor and making funny faces, rolling around and eating toys with my girl. This is something I would have never imagined enjoying in the past but it is beautiful.

To Stay and be happy. Happiness and positivity greatly affect children and that’s something I had read of and know. Seeing it play in front of my very own eyes has made it more meaningful.

To Be grateful for what we have. With babies comes happiness and joy, though babies care less what dress they wear or the dipper brand they wear. All they see is excitement about their new world. That has taught me how to be grateful for what I have regardless.

Make good use of every moment I have.
Programming things to do on a given day can sometimes become impossible with a little one so I have just learned how to use every moment as prime time for my video editing, laundry, photo post production , reading and some much more. I have learned how to take advantage of the moments I get everyday.

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  1. Förtsy Ingabire Fortunate says:

    This is lovely JM…I am coming to visit soon. I hope to meet your Princessa and the Mum! Keep on Keeping on! You are raising a super woman!

  2. This is a beautiful piece sir. A great lesson for fathers to take and work on. Lovely. But there are still more to learn. The journey is long. Lol

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