The Secret Thai Island Ko Phayam.

Thailand has beautiful beaches and if visited in the right season then it will always be a blast. This time, I went to Ko Phayam Island in Ranong province. It is quite a large island and felt old. It looked so abandoned  but it has many beautiful beaches which are quite a distance apart.
How to get there?
1.By bus:Bangkok (Sai Tai Mai / Southern Terminal): Second-class buses depart at 07:30, 10:30, 13:30, 15:30 and 19:30 for 325 baht. First-class buses depart at 08:00, 20:00, 20:30 and 20:45 for 403 to 470 baht. VIP buses depart at 20:00, 20:20, 22:30 and 22:50 for 627 to 670 baht.

2.By flight :Ranong Airport is located 20 kilometres south of town off Route 4 and serviced by only a couple of daily flights to/from Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport with Nok Air. It’s a magnificent approach into Ranong, passing over mountains and islands before a runway emerges out of the mangroves. Pon’s Place has buses that meet arriving flights and charge 200 baht per person, including drop off at any hotel in town or Ko Phayam Pier.

To Ko Phayam island from Ranong. To  get to the Prier( Blue Songtel) Prier to Ko Phayam( Speedboat 350bt every 30mins, Ferry 200bt only one trip in low season)

The Island: is so green with small roads and it has something to it. I only spent one day there, then went back to the main land because I went in the rainy season, it just rained the whole day! The people seemed so helpful and lovely, I received smiles all around. Ko Phayam can be a good experience if you visit in a high season. The other thing is that there are not so many farangs (Foreigners) around so you will still feel the Thai vibe. Accommodation is fair if you plan on time, there are many guesthouses and bamboo bangalows by the beach.

What to do there? Enjoy Thai food because it is relatively cheap compared to other Islands. Ride motorbikes around, kayaking, diving schools, coffee houses, Reggae bars, massage parlors, Island hoping and so much more. In general if you are looking for a secret slow life place then Ko Phayam is the way to go but if you are expecting partying all day long you will be disappointed.


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