The Uganda you will never see on TV.

Uganda “The pearl of Africa” is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I am not saying this because I am Ugandan but this becomes crystal clear the moment you start travelling around. For so many years Africa in general has always been misrepresented by the western media, trying to make it seem a desparate place only full of ghettos and sick children. The problem is Africans have not written their side of the story and for god’s sake what would you expect if every media house is looking for that next hot cake story? Only lies. Here I am to write my own Ugandan story as an African man.

This summer I had a longer holiday so I decided to go on an adventurous vacation back home in Uganda after some time being away. To my surprise I discovered a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Uganda the media has never shown  to the world. I believe Uganda has one of  the best weathers in the world, it is always sunny and moderately rainy so that means we wear blazers from January to december but at the same time we can still wear t.shirts without finding it too cold.  As you move towards the main city Kampala from the airport (Entebbe) you will notice the beautiful hills all full of green with a few homes on top. The people of Uganda are a friendly kind from the moment you land ,but we are a smart brand so care must be taken as you let anyone in your space. Here is where the magic started: I got to travel to  Ssese islands on lake Victoria especifically Bugala island and to my surprise I found a heaven that I never thought existed in Uganda, like those world disney  cartoon paradises but in real life. The islands are full of white sand and plain vacant beach stripes surrounded with only clear water and green. Then a question entered my mind; “why haven’t we known that such beauty existed?” I immediately got an answer; “good news doesn’t sell” and truth is that, unless you travel to a place personally  you have been consistantly lied to.

Uganda is a rich, health and a developing  place  not as potrayed by the western media. One thing that has may keep Uganda in the background  globally is the poor governance where leaders forcefully stay in power.  On that I will keep my stand “Uganda needs change in leadership”. That being said Uganda is the best place to live on the earth. “The Uganda you will never see on TV”, the real Uganda has never been shown out there and here are a few pictures of this gem.

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