How to dive into the spiritual world. 1

Growing up under a man of believed that anything is possible if you believed created a longing desire to do and walk in what men thought were impossible. It is so sad that today we live in such a blind world to spirituality calling it fanaticism or being too religious. And I can understand where most people are coming from concerning religion, I hate religion with a passion too but wait a minute spirituality is not about a religion. It is about understanding and walking in that unseen realm that exists. Everything we see today has its origin in the spiritual world, that is why I want to let you know that there are two worlds we live in; The spiritual and physical (natural) world. With time I have been exposed to a lot of what a normal person would call rare experiences and I thought that everyone does until just in the recent years back when discovered that I sometimes sound so strange to some people, which is okay,hahaha. I have learned that nothing happens by mistake or chance and the more I study about this I can see that there is nothing called chance. Our lives are controlled by another unseen world which I refer to as the spiritual world or supernatural world.This world has two realms which is either  the evil or the good. All human races, religions and tribes point to that truth and what has recently surprised me is that all humans have a desire and a hunger for this spiritual realm, So some resort to dead religion, over drinking, sex, drugs, cults, money, power and lots of different things  as “fillers” to fill that gap on the inside but nothing of that sort works until you are open up to this spiritual world. It all started around the age of sixteen when I started questioning my purpose in life, growing up in a christian home all I was told was do your best and work for God and I did all I knew since an early age but still I felt never satisfied or  done enough, deep inside me I knew that there was much more to life than what I had been exposed to, I grew up from fairly a good family, my parents did their best to offer the best they could and I so proud they did. We had a good life and I mean it but time came and I had a desire to know more of this God I had been taught, I heard of men who raised dead men back to life, saw my dad always call rain when it was too dry and he did supernatural things that I could not but stay in awe and what I thought was that these men were somehow special. So that sent me to search for this same power to operate in my live and during that time I to travelled to India for the first time for my university and what I saw there stirred my heart to dive into this world of spirituality. I believe in Jesus Christ and in God but not as a religion but as relationship based experience and having read the bible for some time since a child I knew about certain things that Jesus did and I had seen many people demonstrate these same miracles before my very own eyes. I came across a man by the name of Andrew wommack and in his teaching he said he had spent 45 years without falling sick nor using medicine and that struck my heart, I was so amazed how a normal man could not get sick for over  those many years. So I got to listening to him more and more and through him I learnt how not to fall sick and stay healthy and not because of health science but through understanding my identity in Jesus and how I am first a spirit, Soul and then a body. Understanding that made me start experiencing a lot of these things right from living sickness free for over nine years now, Money supernaturally appearing on my account and in my wallet, Stopping rain at the command of my word, Travelling into different locations yet I am on my bed,  Riding an empty bike without gas, Gas supernaturally appearing in an empty gas cylinder, to commanding shoes to become bigger than the actual size,  disappearing from one place and appearing in another, I mean this is just tip of the many documented experiences I have encountered personally. Now how could such things happen that just defy everything that science has taught us? My best answer is that you are not only a body. You are a spirit , with a soul(mind and emotions) living in a body and when you learn to access that knowledge which I did through knowing Jesus by spirit not in a religion then doing things by the spirit will be so easy which allows the body and the physical world to just obey.

The spiritual world is a higher realm than the physical world so when you are controlled by the spiritual world you live like a king in this natural physical world, That is why you can never be depressed , sick, jealous, sad , hopeless nor stressed because you know how to stop these things the spirit before it manifests in the natural .  I am not claiming that what I have written is that there is because I have not yet arrived but I started be continued.


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  1. Great piece. But I am waiting for the continuation and the new experiences.

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