The truth they have hidden from you about Pattaya city.

One of the first travel destinations one  will hear about Thailand from afar is Pattaya City and this comes with a lot of stories from good to ugly ones mostly from male travellers because of it’s obvious reasons but after a long while travelling around Thailand I recently discovered one of the most hidden secrets about Pattaya and that is Koh Larn ( Coral Island Pattaya) . If you are looking for a paradise not far away from  Thailand’s capital Bangkok then Koh Larn is the place to be. We spent three amazing days and two unforgettable nights, right from the pier at Pattaya to the ferry which costs 3o baht to the island. Koh Larn is a small beautiful island and still intact with the Thai culture and I found the people there so amazing  and it’s being close a busy city such as Pattaya does not take away the awesomeness. Not like any other tourist destination in Thailand where foreigners are the only thing you see, I noticed that Koh Larn does not have that high influx of travellers and that has kept it such a simple but beautiful chill destination and   this time around I thought that the pictures would speak louder than my words.

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