Are you a foreigner living in Thailand and you are tired of  travelling to the same places? Now Pranburi is the place for you. It is not far away from Huahin and I guess it is few hours from Bangkok by mini bus. In our case,we boarded from Samut Songkhram and it costed us 150 baht each to Huahin and then we stayed on the same van to Pranburi and paid 200 baht more all together. Reaching Pranburi it was a different story compared to most tourist destinations in Thailand, the place is so calm and clean and one thing I noticed was the peace and serenity. If you are looking for a quiet place for a family destination with a clean beach then this is the place. There are lots of low budget hotels but it seemed like there were no hostels from my observation and may be I am wrong though the hotels are many along the beach road, lots of coffee shops, markets and local Thai restaurants. The people there seemed to be so friendly and lovely even at our hotel where we had missed our booking dates they helped us find a nearby cheap hotel where we slept for a night and later rented a motorbike and roamed around. The beach has a long stripe and well taken care of with clean water and good tides. All in all Pranburi is a must visit place if you come over to Thailand for a longer holiday, you will not be disappointed.

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