A weekend in Kanchanaburi, Thailand.

Having lived in Thailand for a while now, using trains has not been my thing on most especially short journeys but this time long we decided to do a train trip to Kanchanaburi a nearby province from Bangkok. The whole trip got us up so early in the morning, crabbed a taxi from soi Ari to Thonburi train station in Bangkok and at arrival to the station we booked our tickets high costed us 100 baht each and I guess that’s a farang price’foreigner’ then walked around the market which is just opposite the train station, the whole market experience was so calm and warmly it just reminded me of those morning food markets back home in Uganda and one famous martet in Agra India called Raja ki mandi market. Getting back to our trip, a few moments laters at around 7:30 am the train popped in and there we were on board, The train kept on stopping on many stations which was a turn off sometimes but still we had to enjoy the journey and so we chose to enjoy it. It took us more hours than we expected but still by noon we were at Kanchanaburi .

We stayed at good times resort which is just a few kilometers from the train station so we just crabbed a tuktuk for 40baht to our resort, the resort is beautiful , nice rooms , nice swimming pool, the best restaurant along Khwae River  with the best prices. The stuff were so lovely and I mean lovely people who spoke good English and so helpful with information about the place.We rented a motorcycle later on in the afternoon and visited the deadly bridge at Khwae River at  and it’s a beautiful scenary though associated with a lot of sad stories about the war and western solders who died during the war. Then we rode to the war museum “many sad stories and sad pictures” later after we visited the Kanchanaburi war cemetery and it was just a picture of war stories that were untold. I’m done with the sad part now, the next day we rode to Erawan water fall at the national park and the whole story flipped into an exciting ride for 90km. We were charged 200baht to enter the park, it is really a beautiful place, so natural and the long way to going up to all the water fall levels. They are 7levels which are just a picture of beauty and work to get too. It was so tiring to get to the last level but who wants to be that guy who only hiked to only the first few levels! No one. So we pushed until the last and we were all sweating but it was worth the try. At the top most water fall there looked really beautiful and few people are willing to climb there, the water there has fish in it and once you get to swim you feel the fish bites and all your juices go up its fun. In conclusion Kanchanaburi is a beautiful place that few tourists actually consider giving a try but it is worth the visit.

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