Koh Chang

Thailand has a lot of beautiful islands and Koh chang is that perfect island never to miss visiting while in Thailand. From the public view, it just seems as a basic place but on arrival beauty is defined. It all started with a mini bus from Victory monument which costed me 400 baht and the journey on the main land roughly took us 6 hours with a few stops. Then we got on Songtel which dropped us at the ferry point where we took a ferry to the island and in my observation it is not so expensive if and only if you travel with the right van company. When we got to the island there were many songtels which headed to the different hotels and hostels at a normal price of 100baht . That took us around 30 minutes to Paradise Cottage resort where I stayed. Talking about the resort it was pretty cheap compared to the sea view location and the type of bangalores they have. A night goes for 350,700 and 1000 baht depending on the type of room you are booked. I would suggest it for a night though anyways, The first night started with meeting a lot of nice real people and as I observed the tourists and travellers in Koh chang seemed to be so real and with that I mean good conservations not tourist show offs of how they have travelled the whole world but basic travellers with good vibes.  Koh chang has  an exciting night life too with a lot of nice bars with live music but ion specific there is this one reggae bar called TingTong where the best live ragge happens I guess, the stuff are so lovely and the music is so awesome. Then along the same street there is one popular club which does deejaying whole night. When it comes to the food there   it is nice and not expensive for sure. The Island is backpacker friendly and everything seems to be affordable. My whole experience was really awesome and unforgettable but here is the most amazing part of the story, On my way back I got on to this minibus to Bangkok and along the way to the ferry we encountered bad traffic, so like some people I was not ready to sit in that thing for ages. So I went out to a seven-eleven to grab some water while in there I noticed that the traffic started moving so i did whatever I had to do so quickly and ran out to catch my minibus but on a surprising deal, i couldn’t recognise which one it was rushedly i ran forward checking all the cars and I couldn’t find it yet all my belongings where in there. Little did I know it had not moved any further they were also still waiting for me at the same spot.. Ohh! how I panicked, so I called my resort explained my story and luckily enough they communicated with the driver with whom we connected at the main land. I know it is not that funny but it was an experience to always talk about. With that i sam up my Koh chang vacation and below is the gallery of the pictures and videos.

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