Dream world, Dream world , yeah it was just like a dream, a moment ago sure fun in Bangkok will never cease, simple as Bangkok seems to appear the excitement surrounding it is always at the hype. A week back  bae and I went to dreamworld in Rangsit and the general experience there was awesome if to be described in one word. Starting from getting either a taxi or bus from Mo chit it’s not that expensive, the location is good for a recreation park too. It took us an hour and a few minutes to get there, the entrance tickets were at around 500baht if you have an id and for those working in Thailand it is always better to walk with your work permits that comes along with nice discounts which we had.  As you enter the park you will notice the excitement on people’s faces which gears you up for fun.  There are a number of rides ranging from baby rides to adults, I liked the experience in the haunted mansion, Tornado “ this left bae sick” , Hurricane “our first ride”, Vikings”traumatising”, Raptor “for club and music lovers” this worked for us since me and bae are music freaks, Sky Coaster” Words can’t explain this one needs to experience it, this all comes with more rides and cheap ice cream, food not to mention. It was that moment you always remember not because of the rides but the general environment is romantic, wild and beautiful. Later on after our hopping from ride to ride we went to the love gardens designed with beautiful flowers. Anyways, the whole experience dream world is not easily described with words but it only has to be felt.

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