My first Vegetarian dinner date.

Life is always about learning,trying out and discovering new things. Growing up I always heard about vegetarians and coming from Africa, it’s a rare thing to find one, if hardly any I have known of  apart from one guy I met in India who broke the record of being the first Afro Veg I have met . Anyways back to our story, it all started like a normal Friday evening with plans of having a dinner date and later on hit the dance floor but this time around it was different. I showed up at my date’s house, she took me around the house and indeed it is a nice house, with two balconies facing beautiful views. I had many cocktails and after a while her housemate showed up “the vegetarian”, we greeted and slowly started talking while she prepared dinner. Time came to hit the dinner table when another friend came around the dinner went on then I discovered how I had missed out on veg food thinking it only sticks and grass until I tasted it and it is nice better than what I actually had expected but then, the dish that took most of my attention was the “Vegette” which sounded like ” Vagiatte or Viagette”.That started our night wildness because every one seemed to have their own pronunciation which led us to that moment of who says it correct. It all turned into that funny, crazy and awesome  moment, where we got to know each other more. Veggie food is so delicious and my first veg meal ever was a double date with priceless memories. Later on my date and her housemate had to sing for us “the guests”, remember we all seemed drunk with cocktails but it was all amazing. I loved veg food but more so the memories that came with it made it the best food that night I guess . That is all about my first time to eat Vegette.

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